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Sustaining Her Enterprise, Career, and Network with ICT....

SHE CAN with ICT – Sustaining Her Enterprise, Career and Network is an initiative designed to expose young women in tertiary institutions who are about concluding their undergraduate programmes or just starting their postgraduate studies, the opportunity of gathering in-depth and practical entrepreneurial and ICT skills, and resources that would help them prepare for the technology-driven workplace. 

Participants are introduced to a number of online and offline entrepreneurship modules that give an understanding of how to harness the power of ICT tools and skills as core drivers for startups and careers for young people. 

The 4-month training which commences in March, 2017 entails these workshops:
- Digital Literacy & Entrepreneurship,  
- Social Advocacy,
- Creative Writing (Offline)
- Content creation (Online),
- Job readiness/Internship and 
- Mentorship programs ( Online & Offline).
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- Registration fee is =N=2,000 per person, and =N=5,000 per group (Max. of 3-member team)
- Certificate of Programme Completion at =N=1,000 per person or group (one certificate for all team members)
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